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Easy Beef Stir Fry Recipe

– Not sure how to stir fry
or even what to put in it? Or maybe you’ve been making
the exact same recipe the last 10 years and are in
desperate need of a change? Well, I’ve got a foolproof,
delicious stir fry recipe and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna dig it. (upbeat music) You can make stir fry amillion different ways. Whether it’s chicken, or shrimp, or pork, or the sauce is
a little bit different. I’m gonna show you my
take, and as a little FYI, I’m gonna pack it full of veggies, well, because, how else do you get
your kid to eat vegetables? If you’re in the same boat, follow close.


The absolute first thing we’re gonna get prepped on is our beef. I’ve got flank steak and I like
using it because it’s cheap and it’s really lean and
my family digs it, too. But I’ve got about two pounds here, so what I’m gonna do is cut it in half. I’m gonna save the other
piece for a later date. You can pop it in the
freezer, the refrigerator, whatever you wanna do until
you’re ready to cook it. And for the piece that I’ve got left, what I wanna do is slice
it extremely thin on a bias and against the grain.


Doing this will make sure your
beef’s really, really tender. There’s nothing worse than
biting into a chunk of beef and it’s ridiculously chewy and ew. Not gonna happen this time. Just make sure you cut it like this. When it’s done, simply add it to a bowl. Gonna season it lightly
with a tad bit of salt and cracked black pepper. We’re next gonna push some garlic cloves through a garlic press. You can finely mince it with
a knife, as well, no big deal. Add it to the top of the beef. Next, grate in some fresh ginger. And again, just like the garlic, you can absolutely fine
dice this with a knife.

We’re gonna pour in just
a little bit of soy sauce for some nice saltiness. Crack in an egg. What this is gonna do is help
bring all these ingredients together and help combine everything so that it sticks to the beef. Now sprinkle in some corn starch. Using your hands, or a spoon, or whatever you’ve got lying around, just get into that bowl,
mix everything together until it is combined and coated. And this is gonna sort
of act like a little bit of a marinade while we
prep everything else up. But while I’m talking about corn starch, we’re gonna make a slurry. And this simply consists of corn starch and a really little bit of water. Mix it together with a
spoon or a small whisk until it’s combined and then
simply set it to the side. And, dude, I already know you’re asking, what on earth is a slurry? It’s just simply a thickening agent.

You use it to thicken
anything, whether it’s soups, or in this case, that stir fry sauce. Nothing worse than a runny sauce just kinda dripping all over the plate. We wanna make sure it’s completely coating the vegetables and the beef. Now I don’t know if I need it yet, maybe I’m gonna make the most
bomb, perfect sauce ever, so we’re gonna set it to the side and get prepping on our
vegetables right now.

When it comes to veggies for a stir fry, I’m gonna give you a bit of autonomy here, because I think you should
find out what’s on sale, what do you like, and most importantly, what are your kids gonna eat? What do they like? And then prep ’em up. For me, I’m gonna start by
using some red bell peppers. So I’m gonna slice those up. You can also cut them
into chunks if you’d like. Next I’ve got some shiitake mushrooms that I’m going to julienne. Now I’m gonna slice up a yellow onion. I’m gonna trim up some green onions, gonna add a lot of flavor and some good color to the stir fry.

We’re gonna trim up some heads of broccoli and make some little broccoli florets. And then last, but not least, carrots. Save yourself some time, go buy the precut matchstick carrots, or if you want to do it yourself, peel ’em, slice ’em up,
however you want them to look, set ’em to the side. And all my homies out there
know how important prep is, or a mise en place, because
we don’t want any surprises when it comes time to stir fry everything. And if you wanna check
out some other vegetables, maybe do squash or zucchini,
bok choy cabbage, cornichons, those little mini corns, like Tom Hanks is eating
in the movie “Big.” You can do bamboo chutes,
or maybe herbs like mint, cilantro, even basil would
be really good in there. But now that everything’s finished, we’re gonna start stir frying and cooking. So bring your meat and a
little bit of cooking oil over to your cooktop. We’re gonna set a wok right
on the cooktop on high heat. Make sure it’s on high heat. I believe it’s super
important to learn techniques and recipes so that you
can make anything at home.

And when it comes to stir frying, it’s an absolute art and an
absolute technique, my friends. So once your pan is hot,
let’s add in some cooking oil. I’m gonna use canola. It only takes about 30 to 45 seconds to get the smoke rolling. Homies, pay attention. That smoke needs to roll off that oil. At that point, you’ll know
it’s time to start stir frying. Go ahead and add in your beef and immediately push it
up the sides of the pan so that nothing is clumped together and every little piece of beef gets a nice little sear on it. And now you wanna stir fry, so holding the pan in one hand, while pushing it back and forth, use a spoon in your other hand right in the center of that wok. It will sort of move everything around as you move the pan around and making sure that nothing
sticks to the bottom. The beef only cooks for
about two to three minutes. So at this point, you wanna
set it to the side on a plate. Put that wok back on that
cooktop on high heat. We’re gonna add in just a bit more oil.

Now once it starts to smoke heavily again, add in your onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms, green onions. Go ahead and stir fry those vegetables for maybe one to two minutes. You only want a quick
little brown sear on them, while making sure they’re
still nice and crisp. And then at this point,
I’ve got some boiling water. We’re gonna add some salt. Whenever you’re blanching
or pre-boiling anything, it needs to taste like the ocean. So everything’s seasoned up when you’re eating it
and it tastes delicious. We’re gonna add in those broccoli florets.

Next, the carrots. Head back to over to that wok. We’re now gonna make that sauce. And you know I believe
homemade food from scratch just tastes better so you know I’m making my own stir fry sauce. Not something you can buy
pre-made out of a jar somewhere. So go ahead and add some oyster sauce, little bit of sherry wine, some sugar for sweetness, and then some soy sauce. Give everything a nice stir. Now if you can see the sauce
is coating everything nicely, guess what, we don’t need that slurry, that corn starch water mixture that we made a little bit earlier. But if things are dripping
off your vegetables, add in a teaspoon or
two and mix it together. If it becomes nice and thick, boom.

If not, maybe add another teaspoon or two, you should definitely not
need any more than that. You’re gonna have some nasty, clumpy, ball of stir fry and you’re
gonna be really pissed at me. So be sure to do it in moderation. Get it to the consistency you need. Now what we’re gonna do is, add in the blanched broccoli and carrots. Followed up with our cooked beef. Stir everything together
until it’s combined. It smells awesome in
here, and to serve it up, I’m gonna hook it up
with just a little bit of cooked Jasmine rice. You could also do noodles,
chow mien, lo mien, or even sort a ramen
noodle, if you’d like. And you know me, I’m a little bit extra so I’m gonna garnish with
some sliced green onions ’cause I’ve got a few left over. And I’ve had a white jar of sesame seeds for a year so I’m gonna sprinkle on a little bit of those,
try to get rid of ’em.

And it’s also gonna add
some nice sesame flavor. It’s funny, I always say give me one hour and I’ll hook up an
insanely delicious meal. Well, this time, I did it in 30 minutes, and you’re welcome. This is a fantastic week-night meal to serve up to family or friends, loaded with vegetables to
get your kids to eat some. I know how it goes, my friends. And if you love beef, be sure to check out my
steak pizza aioli recipe. It’s an awesome Italian steak dinner, right to your dinner table
in the same amount of time, in 30 minutes, I will catch
you on that next video..