If you know me already, you will know that I am extremely passionate about Mental Health. Not only is writing about Mental Health educational, for everyone who gets involved in the discussions, but also so interesting to understand. 

Do you know a lot about Mental Health? Great! Get stuck in the comments section & help everyone out with your amazing ideas & opinions.

Is Mental Health a new ‘thing’ to you? No problem! Enjoy the posts, learn a little & ask questions.

This blog is a friendly space to share opinions & get involved in healthy debate about Mental Health. We share experiences & advice, as well as simply make friends. Everyone is welcome!


Uh-oh! She wants to talk about mental health again. Well, why shouldn’t we? I hate that a stigma remains in society surrounding the topic of ‘mental health’. Lack of knowledge and understanding has lead to the mumbling of uneducated voices when they see or hear about something unfamiliar to them. We are all different, have different beliefs & tolerate life stressors in different ways- so who is to say what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘abnormal’? Mental health isn’t something to ignore, it’s something to embrace.

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I hope to get chatting to you soon! 

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

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