2017 ‘Loves’

Read my review of Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions here

^ These are my charity shop finds! Although i can’t tell you where these items are originally from- you should definitely look in your local charity shops for some bargains! ^

My top pick for perfume is SCANDAL by Jean Paul Gaultier, closely followed by BON BON by Viktor & Rolf. Both can be found for fabulous prices by clicking the links provided, taking you right to the best place on the internet, apart from this blog obviously, EBAY!


*Some of the links included on this page are affiliate links. All photographs and opinions are my own.*

4 thoughts on “2017 ‘Loves’

  1. I actually have mad respect for Russel Brand. He is more than your average comedian, but a great actor and most importantly an activist. He overcame a lot of issues and while he made mistakes he learned from them and became a better person!

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