As I tell people I’m a Pescetarian the response that often follows is “What’s that?” or “Why?”. Usually, I give a brief answer, trying my best to avoid a debate about cave men & the formation of human teeth (which is often a carnivores favourite argument). My dietary choices only affect me & so, in the same way that I don’t lecture those I see wolfing down a cheese burger in McDonald’s drive thru, others should respect the choice to be a Pescetarian too. In an attempt to answer questions I’m often asked, let’s start with “What’s that?”.

What is a Pescetarian?

So basically, a Pescetarian is a vegetarian who eats fish. My decision to make this my diet of choice was relatively quick- where as the choice to avoid meat was not. I have no doubts that even those who do eat meat understand the ethical complications- but after watching multiple documentaries I couldn’t shift the scandal from my mind. You know those nights you can’t sleep & end up reading endless stories about conspiracy theories or contemplating the wonders of the world? Well on one particular night, I was several clicks in to a mind-field that was the debates between meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Mind = BLOWN! There was so much contradiction & fluctuation of opinion. Then, I came across some research introducing me to Pescetarianism.

This debate could go on forever so I’ve done my best to narrow this down to tell you the main reasons for my dietary choices.

First things first, as previously mentioned, it was ethics that made me think about changing what I ate. There is so much evidence of cruelty to animals & environmental flaws in the meat industry, as well as evidence to show the health benefits of avoiding these foods (e.g.- decrease in likelihood of some cancers and cardiovascular disease). You can find out more about this on the PETA web page.

Now some Pescetarian’s state that fish are not on the same moral level as other animals- however this is not my reasoning. Many vegetarians supplement their diet with omega 3 & fish oil capsules due to the vast health benefits from these- where as there is no necessity to use meat replacements as the “good stuff” from meat, such as protein & other nutrients, as we can get those from other foods. The human body thrives from fish consumption- decreasing the likelihood of brain deterioration & aiding vision. You can read all about the benefits of eating fish here. My favourite discovery was that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are beneficial against Depression to some extent, as well as increasing the effectiveness of anti-depressant medication (according to the National Institute of Health).

Being a Pescetarian has forced me to try a variety of different foods. In restaurants I often choose the vegetarian option (although my friends would probably argue that I always choose a tuna sandwich) & found myself wondering why I’ve never tried those foods before. I’ve been missing out! Vegetarian dishes are delicious. I’ve also found it a lot easier to lose weight & feel a lot healthier.

Despite choosing almond milk in my vanilla latte at Costa, I don’t often make vegan dietary choices. Instagram chooses to show me plates piled high with delicious vegan meals- but I always doubted the taste of my favourite sweet treats made without dairy products. That was until I was gifted some delicious, home-made vegan treats from Loretta Lee at My Nyonya Recipe.

Loretta sent me some vegan chocolate chip cookies, cranberry cookies, peanut cookies & dragon balls. This variety of foods to hit the sweet spot have completely changed my mind about vegan deserts & “comfort foods”. Not only can you not tell that they are plant based- but these are some of the nicest I’ve tasted!

Loretta makes delicious food to order in 100% compostable clear packaging or in re-usable tubs. She also has lots of gorgeous Malaysian recipes on her web site with vegan meal ideas. I wish I’d found her sooner!


Loretta has kindly given readers of this blog 15% off ALL PRODUCTS until the end of December 2019! Use code KRoseFF&F at the checkout.

Let me know what you try & what you think! I’ll definitely be putting in another order when I’ve demolished these ones. Thank you Loretta! You can find her at nyonyarecipeshop.com. She is also on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Have you ever thought about becoming a pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan? Let me know the reasons why (or why not!). Let’s respect each others choices- only kind comments please.

Until next time,

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

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10 Replies to “WHY I’M A PESCETARIAN”

    1. I don’t believe they don’t want to live. That’s not my reason for being a Pescetarian. I have my own views and would like people to respect them in the same way I respect others’. πŸ™‚ x


  1. Pescetarian. Never knew what that was… thought all vegetarians eat fish. I dont have a diet but i eat very very little red meat. And if i lived alone i wouldnt eat chicken, so probably be a Pescetarian..lol

    Your post are full of great content. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So many people don’t know the difference between vegetarian & vegan too! I find myself explaining a lot that I’m not a vegan (although big respect to those who are!). Thank you very much! xx


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