It’s the 8th January- just over 1 week since the bang of fireworks, clink of prosecco and moans of hangovers after bringing in the New Year. By this point, I wonder how many gym memberships have been cancelled? Or how many glasses of wine have lead to an accidental not-so-dry January? I used to be one for New Years Resolutions until I realised just how important it is to know that you can make a positive change at any point of the year. January 1st doesn’t make it any easier- but I guess it means everyone else would be pushing themselves to achieve something too.

I have heard so many of the cliche resolutions over the past week: exercise more (granted, I’d like to shift a few lbs too!), start eating better or start saving money. A friend of mine has cut out carbs completely for a head start on her holiday body & another has a written a schedule of household chores designated to each day of the week. All the while I’ve already failed at my pathetic goal of not biting my nails & am still yet to sort out the clutter in my spare bed room.

These things seem small and insignificant but in fact we can put a whole load of pressure on ourselves to stick to a spur of the moment resolution & feel extreme guilt when we are unable to follow this through. Our own expectations are often higher and more unrealistic than that of others (I mean come on, nobody can really resist that last quality street).

I discovered the most popular resolutions made this year and have listed them below. Let’s bin the typical resolutions and here is my proposal for 2019…

  • Eat a balanced diet (OR make sure to eat all chocolate bought for you as a Christmas present out of kindness and consideration for others.)
  • Get in shape (All kinds of shapes. Some involving stretches and unnatural but some-how healthy positions, others involving being slobbed on the sofa in cosy PJ’s with your nose in a good book.). 
  • Stop procrastinating (Although it always feels better to organise every single draw when doing a “quick tidy”).
  • Start saving money (OR in my case, book 2 holidays in the next few months! Whoops! Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself in the sales if you have the money to do so! Work hard, play harder).
  • Meet new people (And appreciate old ones. Let negative memories leave with 2018 & take forward lessons learned. You never know who you might meet this year!).
  • Learn a new language (But don’t rely on Duolingo unless you have more patience than me. Who knew German idioms are so difficult?!).
  • Travel more (Not only including abroad. Go on a long walk, a road trip or a boat ride and appreciate what’s right there on your doorstep). 
  • Watch less TV (Although be careful with that one now that Netflix has time limits and have started to take down shows willy-nilly.).
  • Learn to cook (OR buy weight watchers microwave meals & I’m pretty sure you’ll be still be able to achieve that healthy diet.). 

Do what makes you happy & don’t put unnecessary expectations on yourself. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all happiness for 2019!

Love, Kayleigh Rose x


  1. I also have very similar resolutions to you although whether I will get them only time will tell. I’m sure you will get your goals and keep up the good work. Xx

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  2. Very well written!
    I have a lot of similar goals this year as well!

    One thing I know that helps with sticking to your goals is setting a specific target for yourself. That way you can check-in on yourself throughout the year to see how well you are staying on track. If you start falling off, these “check-ins” can be a good way to get yourself back on track. Like you said, it doesn’t have to just be a January 1st start. If you start slipping, you can pick right back up where you left off!

    I actually wrote a post about setting and achieving goals on my website, with steps to help you follow through on your goals, if that’s something you’d be interested in reading. Would love to know your thoughts.

    Keep up the good work and good luck on your 2019 goals!

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  3. A good read and well written post. It is so true that you don’t have to start your goals on January 1st. I think January can be a hard month for some people to get motivated too, with the bad weather and all the excitement of Christmas over. I wish you luck with achieving your goals.

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