For the past 3 months I have been using Harmony Life HAIR JAZZ products to give my dull, over-dyed hair some life. From the amount of people raving about these products all over my Instagram feed I was expecting big things. This is what I have to say…

…absolutely brilliant! I was immediately drawn to this cruelty free brand as I discovered their values & constant efforts to please their customers. All of the Harmony Life team’s hard work & efforts shine through their products- which I have found to be very reasonably priced compared to equivalents on the market. I have been using the HAIR JAZZ Shampoo, mask, lotion & serum. I didn’t think my hair would ever be in good condition after spending £100’s in the hairdressers, buying every box dye possible & having a few mishaps with bleach- but alas, we are here, with long, strong hair & a big smile on my face.

The HAIR JAZZ products are created with natural ingredients such as: Chitin, Keratin, Proteins and Vitamin B6 for strength, growth and volume. It can even help to decrease hair loss! When I first used the shampoo I was rather concerned as my hair instantly felt a lot drier & more brittle (don’t worry if this happens to you) as this concern vanished as I applied the Hair Mask. These products should be used together for maximum benefits (or a high quality conditioner if you do not have the mask to hand). From this first application I loved the brand- from the smell to the science behind the scenes, HAIR JAZZ is of the highest quality. They say a picture speaks a thousand words- so here are my before & after pictures.


Look at that growth in just 8 weeks! I have also noticed that my hair is a lot more manageable despite it’s thickness. For more before & after pictures click here. The website also shows how the ingredients will benefit your hair.

The clinical trials that have taken place around these products have found that 79% of customers have noticed significant acceleration in hair growth & 93% would continue to purchase products from this brand. You didn’t just hear it from me! It doesn’t stop there either- they also do face & body care too.

hair jazz

I have been using these products for 2 whole months & have only JUST finished the shampoo and mask, with quite a lot of lotion & serum remaining. You get what you pay for, & this package is definitely worth your pocket money. I would 100% recommend. 

You can purchase these products, & many more, via the link below:

The extremely friendly team will also be able to answer any queries you may have too. Simply use their contact details at the top of their web page & ask away!

Have you used any Harmonylife products before? What were your thoughts? 

Until next time,

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

*This post includes products that may have been gifted to me free of charge for purpose of this review. All opinions are true & my own.*

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