One thing that I can almost guarantee everyone has experienced is low confidence and self-esteem in some form. Granted, some of us are blessed with the ability to see our strengths & be continuously positive about all we are- however, for the majority, we are more than likely to have days where we just can’t seem to shift the negative thoughts. Whether that be regarding the way we look, public speaking or our ability to complete a certain task. For me, I have always found it difficult to stand up & talk as ‘Kayleigh’- but put me in a costume, on a stage as a character & I’ll be fine. This blog post will mostly be focusing on self-confidence- body image in particular. Despite what you may think, everyone has their individual hang-ups…

Body image revolves around the thoughts and feelings that you have about your own body. You may have heard people discussing positive/ negative self-image. This represents the same thing- whether you think positively or negatively about your physical being. Of course, nobody is expecting you to adore every single little detail but having a positive overall sense of self will help to avoid falling into the trap of low self-esteem. Self-esteem is how much you’d say you ‘like’ yourself and recognise your character- both the ups and downs of being you. Again, this doesn’t mean you need to like everything (who does?),but being accepting of your individual flaws & using this information to improve yourself is a strong sign of positive self-esteem. This all sounds very simple- right? Wrong. With the media breathing down our necks & setting us unrealistic examples of what we should aim to look like- it’s no wonder we can be pushed down the path of negativity.

First of all, let me talk about social media, a catalyst for self-hatred or transport to destination self-love- depending how you use it. I love social media. It enables positive messages to be spread much more quickly & to audiences you would have never been able to reach otherwise. It allows us to share memories, positive experiences & raise money for charitable causes. It allows us to follow our friends, family & role models, & hopefully be influenced by their positive content. On the other hand, it takes one ‘wrong’ click to see the other side of social media & find yourself whisked up in a judgemental tornado.

Fear not! There are also lots of body-positive people on social media too. From my usual favourites (Ashley Graham and Meghan Trainor), to my new found favourites (Kate Wasley & Georgia Gibbs, who are equal parts of the Anybody Co., & Bodyposipanda.).

Despite all this, these things don’t often change our mindsets completely. But something from my research really gave me food for thought. Cultural ideals and individual preferences. Just by doing a quick google search you can find studies proving that we all have individual preferences regarding beauty & what we find attractive. We need to remember that.

So if you are reading this & feel like you need a body image pick-me-up, take a look at some of my favourite quotes…

ash gra quote
meg tra quote

To read more, head over to an older post of mine discussing body image in a more personal context. You can find that here. And remember, “You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe deserve your love & affection”. We often hear people saying treat others how we’d want to be treated, but we sometimes need to remember to only say to ourselves what we’d say to others.

If you have any tips for increasing body positivity and body image, I’d love to see them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading & I hope this has gave you the mid-week pick-me-up you might need!

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

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