I’ll admit, as we searched for a new destination to visit for a weekend away using our Virgin Experience voucher I was unsure as to what Sheffield had to offer. It wasn’t a place I had ever really heard of people visiting for a weekend away. Now, I don’t know why not.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for the relatively long drive ahead, we were shocked to genuinely enjoy the scenic drive. It was the first time we had visited the Peak District & were amazed by the views & friendly atmosphere it inhabited. As we passed the ‘Welcome to the City of Sheffield’ sign, yet still found ourselves surrounded by rocky terrain & walking-boot-wearing tourists, we realised this was not what we were expecting from the ‘Steel City’. 

Soon after, we arrived at The Fox House– a lively country pub with beautiful detached vintage inns on the property. We were shown by the friendly staff to our inn. The decor was right up my street- just the right mix of country & modern. After settling in, & checking google maps to see exactly where on earth we were, we decided to go into Sheffield City Centre, which was only a 10-15 minute drive away.

This city was exactly what you would expect from what was recently voted as the friendliest city in the UK. Shop keepers wanted to chat, street acts created an energetic atmosphere & random people on the street even had a giggle at the childish antics from my man-child boyfriend. Good shops, free food tasting, amazing gardens, museums, lots of culture & delicious eateries- what more could you want? 


During our stay we visited Sheffield Winter Gardens & Art Museum, the LeadMill Comedy Club (where we laughed until it hurt), the National Emergency Service Museum & the Botanical Gardens– all of which I had previously researched & heard such amazing reviews of. Oh- & if you decide to visit Sheffield too- you definitely need to grab a waffle from Sundaes Gelato


I could write about our trip all day, but instead I have created a short video of our adventures. We had the most amazing time full of love, laughter & food (of course). Click here for our video. 

Until next time,

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

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