Have you ever heard of SleepWell Milk? A night time drink to fit into your bed time routine to improve sleep quality. This product has became more & more popular on my social media feeds & I HAD to try it. For the last week I have been utilising the SleepWell Milk VIP Sleep Kit. I received a lovely package including a Great Nights Sleep Guide, Notebook with Pen, Mug, Eye mask & Vanilla flavoured milk. Here is what I thought…


I have learned so much from the Great Nights Sleep Guide included in the VIP package from SleepWell. This guide was produced as the founders of the company understand how stressful life can be, and how the pressures of every day life can limit the quality of our sleep. Although a lot of brands aim such products at children, Sleepwell understand that everyone would benefit from a simple drink that can improve sleep & thus improve the quality of the following day. This product is for everyone 12 months & older. Sam Watts (Founder) said, “Improving our sleep can make a huge difference to how we feel, how we behave & what we can achieve every day.”. From this, they have developed a range of tips & tricks for all ages, some of which were completely new to me & I have implemented into my lifestyle. For example, did you know that a full sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes? Did you also know that experts suggest to work out when you plan to wake up & count backwards to ensure you have completed 5 sleep cycles every night? This means that if you are planning on waking up at 6.30am you should aim to get to sleep by 11pm.

As well as making a conscious effort to take this expert advice, I have been drinking the SleepWell Milk in preparation for a big day ahead. This milk is made from all natural ingredients- Jersey Milk, Honey & Valerian Root. I love how much research has been put into choosing these ingredients & the benefits are clearly explained on their website & social media. Jersey Milk has 20% more calcium, more protein & a higher concentration of vitamins & minerals than ordinary milk. This milk is naturally sweetened with honey. Honey is also full of antioxidants & is so much more healthy than white sugar or artificial sweeteners. The final ingredient is Valerian Root- which has been proven with extensive research to have natural relaxing properties & has been used to aid sleep since the second century (AD). Basically, it aids sleep & is healthy too!


I used the 200ml cartons of milk, perfect for me & just the right amount, but it is also available in 1 litre cartons to be more family friendly. It is recommended that you drink this milk approximately 30 minutes before you want to sleep, which I followed to a T. Although it is suitable to be drank warm or cold, I found it a lot more relaxing to drink it warm from my gorgeous mug whilst snuggled up in my PJs. Usually, I would never choose a Vanilla flavour, but this took me by suprise. It was delicious- & reminded me slightly of the taste of Horlicks which I have previously tried. If this flavour isn’t for you- don’t worry. A chocolate version is coming soon (which I simply can’t wait to try!).

I think that this product is 100% beneficial to aid sleep- however many people may not be able to afford to pay £6.95 for 3x 200ml cartons. I know as a student, I’d only be able to afford to use this milk when I have a big day ahead- but with a 9 month shelf life you could quite easily stock this milk & use when necessary. In the future, when I have more disposable income, I would 100% use this milk nightly to improve my sleep hygiene long-term. These would be particularly helpful to use nightly as a student nurse working long, tough shifts. I also found it very helpful to use the SleepWell notebook to write down anything that would stop me from having a good nights sleep. Any negative thoughts, any worries, anything to remember for the next morning- I wrote it down. Each night after drinking this milk I had a fabulous sleep & was extremely relaxed afterwards which really helped me to wind down & is often the hardest part. I also felt a lot more energised in the morning & able to get up & go without the temptation of hitting snooze several times. This VIP package is perfect for people who struggle to sleep well, & the milk alone would be beneficial for everyone.

(P.S- You can also enjoy 10% off your first order when you purchase online AND free postage & packing in the UK.)

You can visit the SleepWell Milk website for information & purchases by clicking here.

You can also find them on social media: @sleepwellmilk (Instagram), @sleepwellmilk (Twitter) & Sleep Well (Facebook).

Have you tried SleepWell Milk before? What do you think? Let me know if you have a try! You can read more about my sleep hygiene tips here.

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

*This is a sponsored blog post. Some of the products listed may have been given to me free of charge. All views are my own.*


  1. It sounds like this is making such a difference to your sleeping. We did get a carton (maybe in the Degustabox?) I suffer with chronic insomnia and unfortunately valerian root in any product doesn’t seem to touch it for me. It does taste amazing though and is a great alternative to a hot chocolate or malt drink.

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