30 BEFORE 30

Over the past couple of months I have watched several of my FAVOURITE people on Youtube discuss their ’30 before 30′- including Samantha Maria and Lucy Moon whom I will tag. You guessed it- 30 things they want to achieve/ experience before the age of 30. So, without further ado, here is the ’30 before 30′ challenge from my perspective.

1. Keep on learning- complete a Masters Degree or Post-Grad diploma.

     2. Progress up in my job.

     3. Be respected in my Graduate profession.

4. Work hard to be able to treat my parents!

5. Treat everyone else who has helped me to achieve my goals.

6. Become an ambassador for a Mental Health Charity.

7. Continue to be consistent my blog. Grow!

8. Do charity work regularly.

9. Create a work space in my own home.

10. Own more plants.

11, Be more confident (although that is easier said than done)

12. Go to London.

13. Go to Poland- Krakow & Warsaw.

14. Go to Canada- Vancouver.

15. Go to Hawaii.

16. Go skiing- Canada/ French Alps.

17. Get back into Performing Arts.

18. Save for a mortgage.

19. Have owned all of the pets I want to have owned (or continue to own them).

20. Stop biting my nails.

21. Learn a new language.

22. Have children.

23. Adopt a child.

24. Create lots of photo albums.

25. Read more books.

26. Go to the theatre a lot more.

27. Have a good routine including regular exercise classes in something I enjoy.

28. Attend blogger events.

29. Attend a TED TALK. (Is this even possible?)

30. Have all of the tattoos I want.

I 100% have more than 30 things I want to achieve before I am 30- but here is a rough guide. Now- where to start?

Have you written or filmed a ’30 before 30′ or something similar? If you have, let me know in the comments below! If not, what is your top goal to achieve before your next age milestone?

Have a wonderful day!

Kayleigh Rose x

20 thoughts on “30 BEFORE 30

  1. Oh Kayleigh this is so fun! Some really cool ideas! Own more plants Is a favourite ha ha! Adopt a child though is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Keep us posted on your progress won’t yiu!

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  2. Thats one epic list. My mummy is trying to do 40 before 40, she’s got a couple of years left yet. x She did a Masters and we’d totally recommend further education and volunteering to increase you career options x Also travelling while you aren’t tied down to a mortgage x

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