Another new segment- about something else I am extremely passionate about. Mental Health Nursing. For those of you who have read my blog for a little while, or who know me personally, will know that I am on the last leg of my Mental Health/ Psychiatric Nursing degree. Although the media has been a lot more positive & influential regarding mental health & reducing stigma, there still isn’t much talk about careers involved in professional services for mental health. This means that you may be like I was in 2014- no idea what a Mental Health Nurse does.



Have you ever heard of SleepWell Milk? A night time drink to fit into your bed time routine to improve sleep quality. This product has became more & more popular on my social media feeds & I HAD to try it. For the last week I have been utilising the SleepWell Milk VIP Sleep Kit. I received a lovely package including a Great Nights Sleep Guide, Notebook with Pen, Mug, Eye mask & Vanilla flavoured milk. Here is what I thought…



For those of you who don’t know already- my Nana lives a double life. Wow- how much of an awesome blog post would that be if it was actually true? A purple-haired, artist/ singer/ musician/ author through the day (which is surprisingly very true) & a motorcycle driving Rockstar roadie by night. That made me giggle- as that also isn’t far off either. Ok, Ok, she just rode a motorbike- which I must admit is still very cool. My Nana is super lucky & lives 6 months in America & 6 months in England- & has been doing so for years! Well, to cut a long story short, she is in Arizona right now. While we spend our time at work, wishing for that one-week a year holiday- she is relaxing in the desert with life-long friends she has met on her travels. The green-eyed monster is coming out to play. While she is away we keep in touch via email- a method that isn’t restricted by time differences. Since my ‘Career Goals’ post, my Nana & I have been reminiscing about my childhood (which she was a huge part of). Of course, I can tell you stories I remember, but she can tell you stories I can’t…

 A story I can’t remember…

 “I’ve just remembered a lovely story. One day you were down at my house, when you were about 3, and you had your doctors kit out and were all dolled up from my dressing-up box and you were taking my temperature and you said ”It’s one hundred million and ten”.  When you read out my temperature my reply was “ I knew I didn’t feel well”.

 Then you needed to go to the loo. I asked you if you needed my help but you grandly replied “No, I can go by myself”. 

 A few minutes later I heard a little voice shouting “Nana Mac, can you wipe my bum?”. I said “I thought you could do it yourself?” To which, as quick as a flash, you replied, ‘Doctors don’t wipe bums!!”. 

 And now you know only too well just how true this early observation really was!!

 Another story that Val (my Nana’s best friend) always tells is one time when we all went to The Briery for lunch (pub grub with the worlds best carrot and turnip- I kid you not) — again you were about 3 and had angel wings and a wand which went everywhere with you. 

 So there you were going into The Briery with stripped ‘Pippa Longstocking’ tights, a warm winter coat, with wings over said coat and wand. 

 You regally walked into The Briery sat down and with Mam and Dad’s help, proceeded to take off your wings, then your coat and replace the wings, then, with wand in hand, you managed to eat your dinner.

 You then went to play with several children who were there with their families, complete with wings and wand. We all loved it, because it was all so normal in your little world – brilliant. 

 So many wonderful memories of a wonderful little girl who is now an incredibly special person, who we are all privileged to have in our family.”

 I’m super lucky to have had all of my Grandparents by my side thus far- & to experience amazing memories in the future. Obviously, it means I have the pleasure of hearing rather cute, rather embarrassing, stories like that one too. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Do you have a funny childhood story a family member has told you that you can do longer remember? I’d love to hear from you.

 Until next time,

 Kayleigh Rose x



There are lots of different methods of self-care and it is important to try new things as the same activity will not provide the same benefits to each person- it is an individualised journey. The activity I am going to discuss today is Journaling. Believe it or not- there is actually scientific evidence to prove that writing in a journal does not only help mental well-being, but improves physical health too.




Hi loves! I hope you are having a good day. It’s Sarish from www.sarishboo.com. Thank you, Kayleigh, for featuring me on your blog today. You already know I think you are amazing. If any of you need something refreshing and spirited, then please check out my blog. It is a modern-day rendition of the diary of Anne Frank. I am a proud Pakistani Muslim American girl and I hate the negative stigma people have against Muslims in the United States. So, I decided to use my blog as an outlet for positive change.