January marked the 6-month birthday of my blog (granted a few of those months were very inconsistent), nonetheless I thought this called for a celebration. *Drum roll please*… Let’s launch our first giveaway! To coincide with my new self-care series, I have decided to create a self-care package with a range of different products the same as, or similar to, those I use myself.

This also gives me a chance to say a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has read a post on this blog. It has been such an adventure already & the positive feedback I receive makes me smile every single day- so I am much grateful for that. Let’s stop being soppy and get into the good stuff- right? Well… here is what is included in the first of many giveaways!


  • Mindfulness Adult Colouring Book (Wilderness)
  • Pack of 20 gel pens
  • Coconut & Starfruit Scented Spritz
  • Nordic Spice Candle
  • Eye Mask
  • Ear Plugs
  • Strawberry Puree Body Lotion
  • Lavender Set- Candle, Body Milk, Bath Essence, Bag.
  • Ted Baker Set- Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Spray.
  • Inflatable Bath Pillow
  • Extra goodies with card & personal message

To enter, here is what you have to do:

  • Visit my Instagram by clicking here.
  • Like the post.
  • Tag a friend for an extra entry.
  • Make sure you are following!
  • Wait for the winter to be announced on February 14th.


This giveaway will be open for 2 weeks & will be UK only. (In the future, I hope to arrange an International giveaway). The winner will be announced on my INSTAGRAM STORY within 24 hours of closing- which means the winner will receive a private message from my story to their Instagram direct messages. If there is no response within 3 working days a new winner will be chosen. Once a response has arrived, the prize will be sent by myself within the next 3 working days. This giveaway is NOT sponsored & is completely self-funded.



I recently launched a survey regarding feedback for my blog. Thank you to everyone who has responded. I did this to try to create content that would be interesting for those who regularly read my blog.

I really appreciate everyone who has left honest feedback. Here are the findings:

Question: How do you feel about the frequency of posts?- The majority of responses received stated that the frequency of my posts are “just right”. Fabulous!

Question: What content do you enjoy reading the most?- So far, i’m surprised by the feedback from this question. It seems the most popular content is SELF CARE. I thought it would be hedgehogs from the comments I receive. That is great though- I love writing self-care blogs.

Question: What content do you least enjoy reading the most?- Everyone was so kind & i had lots of lovely messages about all content on my blog- THANKFULLY. There didn’t seem to be a particular segment that doesn’t appeal to people in general- but the least popular posts were generic ones- for example, my top Christmas films. Perhaps this is because a lot of people may write/ vlog about this? I’ll take that on board.

Question: Any other feedback?- As above!

Thank you very much for reading & let’s look forward to the next 6 months! If you have feedback to share I’d love to hear from you. Please find the short survey here or comment your suggestions.

Until next time,

 Kayleigh Rose x

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