So I have finally persuaded myself to do something that i have always wanted to do. A video blog. On Youtube. All of my life I have constantly worried about what people think, always seeking approval of those I deemed more ‘popular’ or ‘better’ than myself. It’s kinda ironic considering my entire career is based around reinforcing positivity, self-help and doing what makes you feel good. Now, i’m taking my own advice and taking a plunge into a new challenge, completely different to everything I have ever done before. It’s kind-of a big deal for a girl who panicked at the fact that TGI Fridays might sing ‘happy birthday’ to her (which i soon put a stop to by the way). 

I spend hours watching video bloggers in my spare time- Samantha Maria, Maddie Bruce, Anomalous Chloe, etc. These women give me so much motivation and I thought, what better time to start a new challenge than 2018? Everyone started somewhere- right? Let’s give it a go. Whats the worst that could happen?

Intro Slide

The content on my blog and Youtube channel will be different, but the videos will also include mental health, self-care and lifestyle. Basically, a video-version of this blog with lots of hedgehog and weekly chit-chats.

I will be posting lots of different content- including monthly VLOGS! Hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy what you see. It would be much appreciated.

Big up 2018. Big up new challenges. Big up big adventures.

Until next time,

Kayleigh Rose x



19 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. You are a braver woman than I am. I really think that this is the way blogging is moving towards though, videos rather than written word, so well done you! I will check back Sunday! 🙂

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  2. Its good to know that you have taken inspiration from your watching other vlogs .Good luck with your new venture, I am sure practice will make perfect.

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