‘Self-care’. Although it may sound easy, it’s not. Self-care can actually be really difficult. Doing something purely for you, not for anyone else. Not because you are getting something from it. Just for your own well-being. Often we are stuck at the starting block not knowing which way to run which is why writers, like the wonderful Taneisha Janae, help us out by providing us with self-care workbooks.


Taneisha’s chatty, down-to-earth vibes are so apparent in every page of this e-book. It is comprised of over 25 pages of awesome self-care information and activities- from discussing negative self-talk to journal prompts.

I received this e-book about a week ago, in which time i have read through it’s entirety and completed all suggested tasks. I have learned so much about myself that I don’t usually take the time to think about. Something else i have learned- I am way too hard on myself. With the positive affirmations and guidance to finding a new perspective, i already feel more comfortable in my own skin. It’s important to add that this isn’t because of what the book has told me, it hasn’t told me anything about myself, but it has allowed me to look deeper into aspects of myself that i otherwise would have seen as ‘unimportant’.

This e-book is worth a read and the tasks are a perfect way to start 2018 with a more positive outlook! Taneisha, thank you for creating this wonderful tool!

This e-book is available from www.simplyjanae.com.

You can also find out more about Taneisha on her instagram (@taneishadale) and Facebook page (@simplyjanaeblog).Β 

I hope this isn’t the last we here from her! Until next time,

Love, Kayleigh Rose x

*Some of the products included in this post have been gifted to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.*

28 Replies to “A SELF-CARE WORKBOOK”

  1. This sounds like something I need to read. I tend to think of self care as having a bubble bath with lots of Lush products or having an evening to yourself, which shows how much I know about self-care as obviously it’s a lot more than that! x

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