January marked the 6-month birthday of my blog (granted a few of those months were very inconsistent), nonetheless I thought this called for a celebration. *Drum roll please*… Let’s launch our first giveaway! To coincide with my new self-care series, I have decided to create a self-care package with a range of different products the same as, or similar to, those I use myself.



One of the questions we commonly ask children is “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. We don’t expect an answer that will present itself as truth in the future. Depending on their age we expect a pop star, a police man or a teacher, & so on. Of course, we accept this, they’re only children- so why don’t we accept it as adults? Why do we find it so difficult to accept change?



So I have finally persuaded myself to do something that i have always wanted to do. A video blog. On Youtube. All of my life I have constantly worried about what people think, always seeking approval of those I deemed more ‘popular’ or ‘better’ than myself. It’s kinda ironic considering my entire career is based around reinforcing positivity, self-help and doing what makes you feel good. Now, i’m taking my own advice and taking a plunge into a new challenge, completely different to everything I have ever done before. It’s kind-of a big deal for a girl who panicked at the fact that TGI Fridays might sing ‘happy birthday’ to her (which i soon put a stop to by the way). 



‘Self-care’. Although it may sound easy, it’s not. Self-care can actually be really difficult, to do something purely for you. Not for anyone else. Not because you are getting something from it. Just for your own well-being. Often we are stuck at the starting block not knowing which way to run which is why writers, like the wonderful Taneisha Janae, help us out by providing us with self-care workbooks.



This post is seemingly directed at those living with some kind of mental illness, however can be used to maintain good mental health no matter who you are and what your circumstances. Tackling complex thoughts and emotions is difficult and often takes lots of different methods of support or self-help to actually make a difference. Think of it as a tool box, and at different times of your life you will take out different tools to find a ‘fix’. Not one person’s brain is wired the same way, not one person has had the same experiences and not one person can ever truly understand the way someone else feels- despite how much we might want to. I can’t talk on behalf of everyone, but here is my personal mental health toolbox.




I hope everyone had a wonderful night bringing in the New Year. I don’t know about you- but I have high hopes for this one. On New Years Eve we danced the night away, ate our weight in Tapas at ‘Flavour’ and drank way more than we should have- but after a delicious meal at my Grandparents house on New Years Day, we soon recovered.