Once again, Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day- but the festive holidays aren’t over yet. Let’s welcome the New Year in with a BANG! If you have found time to read this through this busy time of year, please know that this is by no means a ‘look how spoiled I am’ post. In reply to the questions I was unable to answer before Christmas around what I had asked Santa to bring- I will show you the gifts I received on December 25th. Although I can’t tell you where everything is from, as their gifts *obviously Kayleigh*, I will try my best to give you a rough guide.


First of all, let me show you what my spoiled little hedgehogs received for Christmas.


A few months ago I bought an elf box from Schnozz Buddy on Facebook. Although able to open before Christmas- for the elf to keep an eye on their behaviour- I kept didn’t peak until the big day. Inside there was: a personalised letter, two personalised Christmas decorations, a selection of balls and other toys, two different Schnozz Buddy mats for foraging & two big packets of Dreamies chicken flavoured cat treats. You can also purchase these from Ebay here

hh gifts

And of course, as lots of my family & friends know I’m a crazy hedgehog lady, I opened lots of hedgehog related gifts: hedgehog hottie from Dorothy Perkins (smells beautifully strong of lavender & stays warm for hours after a few minutes in the microwave), a beautiful set of stone & crystal hedgehog ornaments & a hedgehog adult colouring book (which I am SO EXCITED to use when I have a bit of free time).

cook books

As a lot of you will already know, this year I became Pescetarian. For this reason, my thoughtful parents & amazing boyfriend bought me vegetarian cook books. I am so excited to try some of these recipes! 2018 rule number one: read ingredients list and then go shopping, rather than choosing what you can make from a cook book depending on what you have already stocked in your cupboards. You can purchase the Hairy Dieters GO VEGGIE and Lets Veg Out on Ebay by clicking the links provided.


My beautiful Mam decided this year to surprise me with meditation and mindfulness gifts. I LOVE everything to do with this. Healing crystals, a little book of mindfulness and aromatherapy incense sticks. I don’t know where exactly she purchased these gifts, but I have found similar products on Ebay. Click the links to check them out.


Have you ever had a chance to smell the Victoria Secret body mists? Uh- they are amazing. The second to my collection, Amber Romance. Beautiful. As is the perfume Red Musk from the body shop. I had never thought of looking in the body shop for perfumes but wow- I have been converted. This one came in a body shop gift set along with: almond hand and nail cream, strawberry body butter, vitamin C instant glow enhancer, bold oversized felt eyeliner & vitamin E moisture cream. Let’s face it, one way to a girl’s heart is through beauty products.


It’s amazing to open a present that is so personal to you. What others don’t appreciate, might mean the world to someone else. Every single gift I received this Christmas had a meaning or was something bought as my family & friends know me SO WELL. We are so lucky & it is so special to have people around you that know you the way they do.

And of course, I haven’t forgot about CLOTHES. I love updating my wardrobe with new clothes and accessories & it’s even more exciting when someone else has bought them, not because my purse is thanking me for it, but because others see something in clothes that we wouldn’t have necessarily seen ourselves. Then, we fall in love with something completely new and different. Is it OK to rant in a Christmas post? Right, I’ll be quick. WHAT IS WITH CLOTHING SIZES?! I no longer know what to say when people ask me what size I am. I have clothes ranging from a 10-14 depending where I buy them from and my weight hasn’t changed in a long while. Is it just me or does this happen to everyone else?! Urgh! Ok, rant over.

Here are my new clothes and accessories:

clothes 1

Black Paris T-Shirt (River Island), Denim Jacket (NEXT), White Rainbow T-Shirt (Primark), Black high-waisted jeans (Boohoo), Grey cardigan (Select).

clothes 2

Black & faux fur waist coat (River Island), Black faux leather skirt (Primark), Turtle-neck black jumper (NEXT).

Last but not least, we received a Virgin Experience gift for a traditional British break- which Ben & I are sure to enjoy together in 2018. My family and friends really are extremely generous every single year & we are equally as grateful for all of our gifts. Believe it or not, this list isn’t even exhaustive. I haven’t even started to talk about Ben’s gift list & his new Captain America dressing gown! I hope you enjoyed reading and had a Christmas day full of happiness.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what your favourite gift was this year OR if you got anything the same as me.

Speak soon,

Kayleigh Rose x

*Some of the links within this post are affiliate links. All opinions are honest & my own.*


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, full of lots of amazing gifts and like you say, so nice when they are personal to you. I haven’t heard of Red Musk before but years back I used to wear White Musk from the Body Shop. I’m off shopping tomorrow so I@m going to seek it out and have a smell. Happy New Year, Mich x

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  2. Oh I am a vegetarian so I will have to check out the ‘Hairy bikers go veggie’ as it sounds like a brilliant source of recipes. I love that you are a crazy hedgehog lady. I am a crazy cat lady so that makes two of us crazy animal lovers out there haha!

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  3. I’m pescatarian too, though starting to cut down on fish now also. Your family are so thoughtful to buy those cool books! Half of mind are the supportive. The other half day things like “oh but you can have one sausage right?!”

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    1. It’s so annoying isn’t it 😂 It is more when they don’t understand we can’t eat jelly sweets or anything. Because it doesn’t look like meat, it’s like “Oh go on” 😘 They are thoughtful x


    1. The mindfulness book is brilliant! On eBay for only a couple of pounds if you are interested the link is in the blog 😊 The hedgehog gifts are super cute too x


  4. It looks like you were spoiled rotten at christmas and have some lovely presents. Sadly Hubby was ill which meant he spent his last shopping days in bed, so I didn’t get anything – good job I bought all the kids presents

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