It’s Christmas Eve! I hope you have all had a lovely lead up to Christmas and are looking forward to the main event in the morning. I most certainly am. In this post I am going to tell you a little bit about some Christmas Eve traditions that my family have and that I have grown up with.

 For the past 21 years I have received new Christmas PJs from my parents- and that hasn’t changed (and I hope this never changes Mam- if you’re reading). We get ready for bed early and spend evening hours together, basking in the happiness that surrounds us all at Christmas time. We usually choose a Christmas film together, eat our weight in cookies & other confectionery, and devour Mam’s signature hot chocolate. I might have to add a touch of Baileys to mine this year after my wonderful Baileys Hot Chocolate experience at Liverpool Ice Festival last weekend.


 Last year my little brother & I made a gingerbread house together. We were rather proud after over an hour of hard work. Do you ever look at the age recommendation on an activity and think WHAT?! 6+?! I’d like to see a 6 year old do this. I suppose it also didn’t help having our cat trying to destroy our creation.

25593729_1390004511125337_550397026_n (1)

 Of course, as children grow up Christmas begins to change. Every year thus far we have sprinkled reindeer food on the garden and left mince pies, carrots and beer our for Santa Claus to enjoy. I think my parents cottoned on rather quickly that they had know-it-all children and we would ask questions as to how Santa managed to come down our chimney when there is no hole at the bottom. We have always had a special key that we kept outside for Santa to let himself in. Either that or they just thought this was a cute idea- and one that avoided awkward questions.


 I’d love for this Christmas to be extra special. It will be the last one where I live with my parents- how scary! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas period filled with love, laughter and everything you’d ever hoped for. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


 If you have any Christmas Eve traditions in your household I’d love to know in the comments below. One of the most exciting things for the future is having a family, continuing family traditions and creating new ones.

Have a truly magical day. 

Kayleigh Rose x

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  1. Haha I am the same, sometimes I do look at the age on a toy or something that they make and think that the designers must have been high. LOL gingerbread houses are never easy to make but they always look amazing when they are made! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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