It’s always important to know what your pets could, and should, have in their diet to prioritise their health. It was almost impossible to find two sources of information that agreed on the diet of an African Pygmy Hedgehog when i was first doing my research on these wonderful animals. It has taken me over 12 months, multiple conversations with hedgehog ‘experts’ (in my opinion) and trying out new foods with my wonderful girls to decide my version of a suitable hedgehog diet.

Lets begin.

An APH diet is mostly made up of high-quality, dry, cat kibble. ‘High quality’ meaning approximately 30-35% protein and 10-15% fat content. It is also important to ensure that your kibble of choice does not include fish (difficult to digest) and pork (high salt content). My hedgehogs are currently on a mix of purely holistic adult chicken and purina one adult cat chicken kibble. I would prefer to have a mix of 3 different brands- I just can’t find another that my fussy little hedgehogs don’t turn their nose up at!


 Fruits and vegetables are a good way to give your hedgehog some vital vitamins to function healthily. When choosing fruit ensure to avoid citrus and dried fruits. A firm favourite with my spikey family are strawberries, apple, banana and watermelon- but without a doubt, they prefer veg. I try to give a small amount of different vegetables regularly. Pippa loves to eat carrots, cucumber and corn- while Autumn much prefers broccoli and cauliflower. Saying that- Pippa will eat near enough anything.

 Occasionally it is perfectly acceptable to give your APH cooked meat (avoiding fish and pork- have I said that already?). They are also fond of egg- scrambled, boiled, you name it- just don’t add milk as they are lactose intolerant. I believe that it is absolutely necessary to offer live food whenever possible. This may include: meal worms, morio worms, wax worms, crickets and/ or roaches. Don’t like insects? Just hope you get broken hedgehogs like mine. Pippa avoids anything that wriggles (she much prefers us to do the hard part) and Autumn will only eat meal worms- anything bigger is a no go. It is OK to give dried meal worms for treats too! 

If you have an APH, what are their favourite foods? If not, let me know if anything within this post has shocked you or if you have any other questions about their diet.

 Thanks for reading,

Kayleigh Rose x

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16 thoughts on “HEDGEHOG GRUB

  1. i don’t have hedgehogs but i have two cats and a dog and can i just say THANK YOU for taking such an interest in your pets diet. so many people don’t seem to think twice about what they feed their animals and it can really affect their health xx

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    1. Thank you for the positivity! It’s completely true- it’s so important. Everyone always talks about what we should and shouldn’t eat- it’s the same for animals! x

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    1. I’m sure you’d learn as you went along- which is all I have done. You hear rumours and look it up to find out the facts from experts. Have you never wanted any pets? Also, thank you so much! The one featured in this post is named Autumn x


    1. The APH community is so friendly and helpful. There are lots of great breeders that share fabulous advice (particularly on one Facebook group in particular- I can send you the link directly as I’m unsure they’d want to be linked to this blog). I’ve owned one of my hogs for 15 months now! It’s flown by! I’ve just learned as I have went on, like you do with everything, and obviously researched before I actually got my first little one. The African Pygmy Hedgehog Club Rescue has been a particular support network of mine since I have re-homed one of their homeless hogs (the one in this post is from the rescue).

      Thank you so much for the positivity! ❤ xx


    1. I think more people have them than its thought 💭 It’s unusual to me that others don’t know because I’m so used to them 😂 xx


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