I am currently writing this at 00:55 on a Monday night feeling like a complete hypocrite. I was hoping that by this time I would feel super festive and my Netflix would be jam-packed with ‘recently viewed’ Christmas films- but no. I am yet to watch one festive flick. With assignment deadlines and unexpected life dramas Christmas films have not been at the top of my to-do list, until now. I will watch some wonderful winter movies this week and I will stop being the female scrooge. *CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT ALERT* I apologise in advance to the Macauley Culkin fans but this does not include ‘Home Alone’. Never ever.

Here are the 5 Christmas Films that I will make time to watch in the next few weeks, before Christmas…

the grinch

 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There are so many reasons to love this film and one of the biggest for me is that the Grinch is played by one of my favourite actors ‘Jim Carrey’ AND the story is written by Dr. Seuss- one of the childhood authors I remember most fondly.

santa clause

 The Santa Clause

This is definitely one of my favourites. I just love the whole idea of the story line and I wish it was a true story! Although released in 1994, I think this film is absolutely timeless.

arthur christmas

 Arthur Christmas

Now moving on to a more modern film- Arthur Christmas. This film is animated but equally entertaining for adults as it is for children.


 The Muppet Christmas Carol

Who doesn’t love the muppets?! I like the story of a Christmas Carol anyway but this version is so light-hearted, fun and another family favourite. I just love Miss Piggy!


A Nightmare Before Christmas

I could probably tick this one off my list as this is one I’m guilty of watching all year round. This is one of my Mam’s favourite Disney movies, alongside Tinkerbell, and a favourite for us all. I love the sound track, the characters and everything about Tim Burton’s work.

I better get cracking with this list of films! Tonight, the Grinch. Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your favourite Christmas films to get me into the festive spirit.

 Until next time,

 Kayleigh Rose x

65 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS FILM BINGE

    1. No need to apologise. So many people love Home Alone! It is a firm choice most of the time, i’m just not a fan unusually! I have never seen It’s a wonderful life! x


  1. So many favourites on that list. I haven’t watched Santa Clause for years though, thanks for reminding me about this one. We watched The Grinch on Monday as my son was home sick from school. Arthur Christmas gets played all through the year too! 😀

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  2. I love the Santa Claus, it’s such a great movie and I am the same as you with Nightmare before Christmas. I am going to see it at the cinema for a singalong event next weekend and I am so excited! x

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  3. Hello fellow scrooge, we sound like we’re in a similar state. I had a search the other day for Christmas films and felt like a total grump with no interest. But we’ve just bought out Christmas tree, and something clicked and I feel a little more festive. I do usually enjoy a good Christmas film, and of course your list is some of the classics. My (grown up) girls have always loved The Grinch, but my five year old son is dubious of the box, and asks about the “grumpy green man” whenever he sees the DVD case. I’m sure he will be enjoying many a good film soon (once Mummy Grinch gets her festive head on).

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    1. Good to hear! I’m not the only one! I think the Grinch is always a favourite with older children/ adults. Hopefully he will give it a try & the grumpy green Man can make him laugh! 😊 Enjoy your Christmas! X


  4. Have to agree, ‘The Santa Claus’ is a timeless classic and must be watched every year! And I love ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ too. However the other 3 I haven’t actually seen – but thats soon going to be rectified! For me, I always watch ‘Jingle All The Way’ every Christmas too – it’s definitely my go to! 🙂 xo

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  5. I love The Santa Clause, I actually went to the premiere of it in London as a kid and so it’s always held a special place in my heart with Christmas films but I didn’t realise it was on Netflix


  6. I love The Santa Clause, I actually went to the premiere of it in London as a kid and so it’s always held a special place in my heart with Christmas films but I didn’t realise it was on Netflix

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