Hey guys!

First of all, if you have read the facts in the ‘about me’ tab you will probably already know this but… I had a graduate interview a few weeks ago and got the job! If you haven’t noticed, this makes me pretty damn excited! Everyone I speak to is dreading the leap into full time employment from the very different ‘student life’ we currently live- but I am the complete opposite. This job means that I am one step closer to my career goals, I am able to move back to my home county & I will be doing something I am passionate about every single day. I will be working on an acute impatient ward for Mental Health.

I was ecstatic when I received a phone call offering me an interview for the trust I have always imagined myself working in. I immediately confirmed my attendance & took straight to my notepad to write everything I wanted to make sure they knew about me and questions that I had for them (I know right, waay too organised!). I had a few days to prepare- which is so important when applying for a job you really care about.

For some people getting somewhere early means 15 minutes max. Not me. I was there a whole 45 minutes early. ‘Eager beaver’. In my defence, it was hosted at a hospital 32 miles away from my house & It would be just my luck to get stuck in traffic. Despite not being able to find the building my interview would take place (hospitals are so complicated!), it all seemed to go rather smoothly. The staff were supportive, positive and super encouraging. Absolute information overload, so many introductions, a beautiful home-made buffet & a job offer at the end of the day. Nobody was wiping the smile off my face. Now to finish my degree with peace of mind that my plans are coming into place after all of my hard work.

If you, like me, are in your third and final year of university you too might be attending interviews or thinking of applying for your dream jobs. You will smash it as long as you believe in yourself, prepare and be honest. You are unique. There is only one you. They’ll be lucky to have you on their team!

Good luck!

Kayleigh Rose x

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