Once again, Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day- but the festive holidays aren’t over yet. Let’s welcome the New Year in with a BANG! If you have found time to read this through this busy time of year, please know that this is by no means a ‘look how spoiled I am’ post. In reply to the questions I was unable to answer before Christmas around what I had asked Santa to bring- I will show you the gifts I received on December 25th. Although I can’t tell you where everything is from, as their gifts *obviously Kayleigh*, I will try my best to give you a rough guide.



It’s always important to know what your pets could, and should, have in their diet to prioritise their health. It was almost impossible to find two sources of information that agreed on the diet of an African Pygmy Hedgehog when i was first doing my research on these wonderful animals. It has taken me over 12 months, multiple conversations with hedgehog ‘experts’ (in my opinion) and trying out new foods with my wonderful girls to decide my version of a suitable hedgehog diet.

Lets begin.



Only a few weeks until the man in the red suit will be climbing down our chimneys and sprinkling festive cheer into our lives! Christmas is such a happy, joyous time where family and friends get together to celebrate- but what happens if you have no family? What happens if you have no friends? Without intention we can often make those struggling with isolation feel even more lonely as they see our smiling faces and hear our continuous laughter. I can only imagine how difficult the festive period would be without someone special to share it with.



I am currently writing this at 00:55 on a Monday night feeling like a complete hypocrite. I was hoping that by this time I would feel super festive and my Netflix would be jam-packed with ‘recently viewed’ Christmas films- but no. I am yet to watch one festive flick. With assignment deadlines and unexpected life dramas Christmas films have not been at the top of my to-do list, until now. I will watch some wonderful winter movies this week and I will stop being the female scrooge. *CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT ALERT* I apologise in advance to the Macauley Culkin fans but this does not include ‘Home Alone’. Never ever.



I’m almost sure you will have seen the semi-colon symbol somewhere on social media. Jewellery, drawings and even tattoos. So, if you don’t already know, this is what it’s all about…  

Project Semi-Colon was founded in 2013 by a lady named Amy Bleuel. Unfortunately she had personal experiences of bullying, suicide, self-harm, addiction, abuse and rape- but was extremely empowered to use her strength and courage to make a difference to other people. She did this by the creation of ‘Project Semi-Colon’. This non-profit organisation has dedicated time and effort into suicide prevention through public awareness and education. Increasing knowledge and understanding makes people aware that everyone has a role to play when it comes to suicide prevention and supporting those experiencing a mental illness.



Hey guys!

First of all, if you have read the facts in the ‘about me’ tab you will probably already know this but… I had a graduate interview a few weeks ago and got the job! If you haven’t noticed, this makes me pretty damn excited! Everyone I speak to is dreading the leap into full time employment from the very different ‘student life’ we currently live- but I am the complete opposite. This job means that I am one step closer to my career goals, I am able to move back to my home county & I will be doing something I am passionate about every single day. I will be working on an acute impatient ward for Mental Health.