Uh-oh! She wants to talk about mental health again. Well, why shouldn’t we? I hate that a stigma remains in society surrounding the topic of ‘mental health’. Lack of knowledge and understanding has lead to the mumbling of uneducated voices when they see or hear about something unfamiliar to them. We are all different, have different beliefs & tolerate life stressors in different ways- so who is to say what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘abnormal’? Mental health isn’t something to ignore, it’s something to embrace.

1 in 4 people live with a mental health problem. 1 in 4. That means it could be a family member, your friend or even your children. “No, I would know about that.” Would you? Why would people expose their struggles when some members of society are so quick to jump to conclusions and stereotype? People hide from the stigma floating around the UK and this often prevents people from seeking help and support. Lets stop this. Lets help. Lets talk Mental Health.


We all experience our own challenges throughout our lives. There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ mental health, but a ginormous continuum of which we all have our place. I for one understand what it is like to feel like nobody understands- completely alone but surrounded by so many people- but I also understand the benefits of talking to people you trust and having a strong support network. Loyal and understanding friends and family change everything.

“So what can I do?”. Well, diagnosis or not, we all need support throughout difficult times of our lives. Don’t be afraid to ASK. Just ensure that you are prepared for the answer. You don’t need to be able to fully understand or have advice to hand- but do not be frightened of the answer. Just LISTEN and be supportive. Letting someone get their deepest thoughts and feelings off their chest is often help in itself. Try to OBSERVE your relative or friend and take note of how their behaviours and attitudes change when they perhaps aren’t feeling as well as usual.

It may also be useful to SEARCH LOCAL SUPPORT and be confident to direct someone towards help if necessary. Unless already involved, we often do not know what support is available for us. Finally, CHALLENGE THE STIGMA and educate people about the reality of living with a mental illness. Let’s tackle the negativity that unfortunately tends to go hand-in-hand with the subject.

Thanks for reading & i’d love to hear your thoughts regarding the stigma of mental health. Also, what else could people do to support others?

Kayleigh Rose x

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  1. I have lived with mental illness for 22 years now and will never stop talking about it or sharing my experiences. It’s something which we should be talking about openly in order to prevent others suffering in silence.

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  2. This is such a great post! I’ve been battling with mental health issues since I was about 12 years old and everyone seemed to worried to talk about it, I’m doing my best to try and keep conversations happening but it’s difficult when there’s such a stigma surrounding it!

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  3. Agree. We really need to talk about mental health more often. I can’t understand why it is still seen as a taboo subject. I know many people who suffer with mental health issues and think more should be done from school so people don’t feel so alone, or clueless and helpless x

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    1. You are very welcome. I enjoy writing about mental health because it is something i am very passionate about. I agree. Acceptance is key. x


    1. I completely agree with this too. The medical model- treating mental illness like a dysfunction of the brain rather than looking at it holistically. It needs to change. x

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  4. I think mental health is such an important topic and one that thanks to people like yourselves are becoming much more of the forefront of peoples minds. I’ve lived with depression and anixety for the past 11 years and at times it has been hard. I think help doesn’t help unless you’re ready if you know what I mean x

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  5. I think it is so important to talk about mental health and regularly raise awareness on my own mental health issues and how I can help others. It took me a long time to come to terms with my own mental health issues and even acknowledge that I needed help but now I am very open because I hope that by sharing our stories we can encourage others to have the courage to share their own x

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    1. That’s such a great attitude to have. Well done you & it’s brill that you will have helped so many people without even realising it x


  6. Such a great post. I think it’s always important to raise awareness to the issues of mental health. There’s still too much of a stigma to it and people still don’t really know how to deal or approach the issues. So blogs like yours are so important to supporting this!

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