My first post for my new re-vamped blog is, of course, about my spikey house mates. If you follow my Instagram there is no doubt that you’ve already seen endless photographs of my pet hedgehogs- they’re just too cute not to pap! My direct messages always seem to be filled with hedgehog care or general hedge-baby questions- so I have decided to make this a regular topic for my blog. I am by no means an expert, but Pippa, Autumn & myself are excited to share our journey with you!

So… what are African Pygmy Hedgehogs? APH’s are the most popular type of domesticated hedgehog in the UK. They are much smaller than European hedgehogs (that we see in our garden) & 100% cuteness over-load. They differ from wild hedgehogs for their preferred environment, diet & unique personalities. It is important to mention that these are exotic pets & take a lot of time & effort to care for. Despite the urge that might over-come you when you see memes of cute hedgehogs- it’s important not to impulse buy *adult speech over*. In future posts I will go into more detail about hedgehog care- but for now, let’s meet the gang!

In 2016 it all began. Just before Christmas Pippa joined the family. She was a grumpy, huffy ball of spikes after the long car journey from York (where we collected her). After an hour or so, when this timid little hedgehog decided to uncurl & explore, I was instantly in love.

Pippa baby

It didn’t take long for Pippa to trust us. As many people with these wonderful pets understand, this ball of love & I have developed a unique bond. She knows who I am & understands me as her safety net. She will happily explore & play but when she is unsure about something unfamiliar she runs right back to me. She loves a cuddle, loves to play tug-of-war, takes teddys to bed with her and is the sassiest, selfie-loving hedgehog I know. *queue selfie*

Now to the other ball of attitude. Autumn. Autumn is from the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club Rescue. She was found at a wild hedgehog rescue centre, being cared for as one of their own. As previously mentioned, this is not suitable & she got ill. Her age & sex were unknown when she first arrived. She was very grumpy & her description included ‘a loving home with patience’. After upgrading Pippa from a condo to a mansion, a spare vivarium & an obsession with hedgehogs meant only one thing. I was up for the challenge.

autumn selfie

Surprisingly Autumn hasn’t been too much of a challenge. With lots of time earning her trust, & extra meal worms of course, Autumn now seems very happy in her new home. Some people roll their eyes when I tell them that APH’s have very individual personalities- but they do! Autumn is stubborn & when she doesn’t want to do something, she won’t do it. Plain and simple. She is an adventurer & loves nothing more than to roam around. She is also very happy to fall asleep in your arms when she has tired herself out.



So there you go, a whistle-stop tour of my hedgehogs. You will be seeing a lot more from them! Thank you for reading! Cyber hedge-hugs are coming your way from Pippa & Autumn!

Keep an eye out for my next hedgehog blog & feel free to post any questions/ comments below!

Kayleigh Rose x


18 thoughts on “MY HEDGEHOGS

    1. It’s amazing to be able to see a family of wild hedgehogs outside living in your garden! It’s very rare I see any in the wild, I would love to see them more. Unfortunately from what I know if they are out through the day & not hibernating they may be unwell. If you see this again perhaps inform a rescue service for professional advice? They’re lucky to have people like you looking out for them though! 😘 Thanks for reading! X


  1. Your hedgehogs are so cute! I have seen one for the first time last month, when it came into the garden and stole the cat’s food. He was so cute running away from the scene of the “crime”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 💋 I haven’t seen a wild hedgehog in person for ages. You are very lucky to catch one in the act! How adorable! X


    1. Hogs in the wild aren’t used to.being they wouldn’t like that 😊 There ones are domesticated & wouldn’t survive outside. Wild ones wouldn’t like to be a pet & it wouldn’t be good for them 😊 If you do get one there is some fantastic breeders around the UK! xxx


  2. I never knew you could keep hedgehogs! It’s amazing that you rescued them. Animals have the most amazing personalities. I have guinea pigs myself and one is certainly grumpy a lot of the time x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They do! I don’t think people realise how small animals have such big personalities unless they have them as their own pets. My two hedgehogs are the complete opposite of each other! X


    1. My first hog was purchased from a breeder & second was from the rescue centre. They are domesticated hedgehogs so need to be kept indoors x


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