Ok, so we’ve all experienced mental health stigma to a lesser or greater extent. This post isn’t just about the opinions of those with official diagnosis’, although that’s extremely important too, but about the stigma we face regarding our mental health every single day. Sometimes responding with “I’m fine” seems like the easiest option- but why is that? Why should we feel ashamed to admit that we are stressed, upset or panicking? These are the same emotions that every single individual will experience throughout their lives, what differs is our ability to manage them. Some people pre-occupy their minds by going out with their friends or exercising, some people talk to their close friends about their inner struggles, but some people need additional support to manage these intense feelings. In the same way that people with physical disabilities or injuries use aids and medication to support them throughout daily activities, others use medication and therapies to manage mental health issues. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.